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On Location Services:

To Secure your date: a completed bridal contract and non-refundable retainer is required. All prices subject to change unless secured by a contract and retainer.




All Services Rates are per person

All Hair Services are styled on brushed out, clean, and blown out hair

(I do not provide blow dry services)

 All Makeup Services include strip lashes and skincare prep.


Group Rate 2024

(Minimum of 5 Services to book, Add-on services do not count)

Bride Hairstyling (1 -1.5 hours) $350

Bride Makeup (1 -1.5 hours) $350

Other Hairstyling (45mins-1hour) $175

Other Makeup (45mins-1 hour) $175

Individual Premium Rate

(Minimum of 2 Services to book, or $1200 minimum to book)

Add-on services do not count)

Hairstyling (1-1.5 hours) $650

Makeup (1-1.5 hours) $650

Add-On Services:

Bridal Hair Preview (1 hour) $250 (Weekdays only)

Bridal Makeup Preview (1 hour) $250 (Weekdays only)

Addition Service Time $150 per hour (Starts at the beginning of every hour)

Flower Girl Hair (10yrs old or younger) $150 (45 mins)

Flower Girl Makeup (10yrs old or younger) $150 (45 mins)

Clip In Hair Extension Application Only $60 per Set

Additional Artist Fee $350 per Artist (plus Retainer, Travel Fee & Valet Parking)


(All out of town/ state/ country travels require a separate contract)

Car/ Uber / Lyft/ Taxi Travel Fee: starts at $75  

Parking Fee:

Valet Fee or Reserved Parking Only (no meter parking/no street parking with time limits/ no garage parking)


All flight and flight fees are reimbursed by client 3 weeks prior to event date.



All lodging and lodging fees are reimbursed by client 3 weeks prior to event date.

Client will be responsible for beauty team's Hotel Stay for any events out of town.

Hotel must be in the same hotel or closest hotel to the get ready location.

Lost Luggage Insurance must be provided for the beauty team.  

For more information, please email

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